Project Description: ArcFUEL ( delivers a complete, up-to-date, methodology for Fuel Classification Mapping (FCM on a Web-Geodatabase) based on ?readily available? data, harmonized, accessible & interoperable according to INSPIRE principles, for the Mediterranean Region. The methodology is demonstrated via solid pilots in: Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain.
ArcFUELTM is a LIFE+ project involving six European partners that aims to produce updated fuel maps used in forest fire management operations. ArcFUEL uses:
i.†Already tested and validated modern remote sensing techniques and all references are available in the literature
ii.†Ancillary data (eg Corine Land Cover, LPIS, DEM, etc.)
iii.†Validated field data
iv.†INSPIRE procedures (to be developed exclusively for fuel maps) and
v.†other information that produce an automated workflow for producing fuel maps.

This approach creates a "production chain" that will accept as input "easily access data", eg free satellite images, as well as auxiliary/additional data and will export a fuel map on national or regional scale

Title: "ArcFUEL": Mediterranean Fuel-Type Maps Geodatabase for Wildland & Forest Fire Safety
Contracting Authority: European Commission
Contract Number: EC-LIFE10 ENV/GR/617

Call: LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance 2010
Start Date: 01/10/2011
End Date: 31/12/2013
EPSILON Role: Project Coordination, Management & Geoportal Phase leader, I.3 Leader (Ancillary Data Harmonization), I.8 Leader (Fuel-Types Geodatabase on Geoportal), I.9 Leader (Delivery of the Geodatabase to Stakeholders), I.10 †Leader (Stakeholders Review / Response), D.1 Leader (Press releases), D.2 Leader (Geoportal Promotion), D.5 Leader (Material Delivery), D.6 Leader (Networking & Clustering), D.7 Leader (Geoportal Sustainability),D.8 Leader (Methods & Database delivery to JRC / Ispra), D.9 Leader (After Life Communication Plan), D.10 Leader (Notice Boards), D.11 Leader (Layman?s report)
Total Budget:1.305.864 ?
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