Project Description: EPSILON International SA undertook the contract of the project EU-GAS: Modeling & Risk Analysis of the European Gas Networks. The project involves 10 Member States of the European Union and all post competition will interconnect 20 Member states and 48 Gas Utilities. The project unifies Gas Networks into a single GIS platform and by using a mathematical model will provide forecast scenarios response to the European network dynamics caused by the loss of facilities, geopolitical crises and other potential threats and accidents that could endanger the European Union?s energy needs.

Title: Extension of the European natural gas transmission infrastructure (EU Gas) to 10 EU countries
Contracting Authority: European Commission JRC
Contract Number:
Call: CIP-ICT-PSP-2009-3

Start Date: 13/11/2013
End Date: 28/02/2015
EPSILON Role: Information collection from validated data providers, concerning values of the gas demand/supply for each country, check and update the topology and facilities? attributes of the NNTGS of each Country based on the validated geodatabase provided by the ESU JRC-IET. Merge all GIS data across the EU Gas utilities into a single and seamless ArcGIS database. Develop a gas fluids model for each country to evaluate the national transmission system resilience and to support the creation of scenarios to simulate security implications. Elaborate, implement and test a procedure to link and integrate the results of a country level hydraulic model against the EUGas model as well as any model derived by aggregating single country models Provide two reports, one concerning model development and one concerning models integration. The model developing report shall describe in details and for each country: (i) model assumptions, (ii) data assumptions and limits, (iii) model development steps, (iv) model inputs and outputs, and (v) model validation procedure. Provide a training session on: (i) major steps of model development, (ii) use of the developed model, (iii) scenario creation, and (iv) models link and integration.Provide a ?support service? to the ESU for 3 months after the delivery of results, models and reports,
Total Budget:138.388 ?

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