Project Description:Greco-Risks ( delivers a Multi-Risk web-Platform integrating Risk Modules for nine specific hazards:

- Earthquake
- Forest fires
- Landslide
- Ground movement
- Volcano
- Tsunami
- Extreme weather
- Flash-floods
- Industrial accidents.

Modules use as input past observations, data and references for Greece combined with GIS data to deliver Hazard and Risk Maps. Project data incorporate INSPIRE principles and project maps visualize the spatial variation of hazard magnitude, vulnerability elements and expected or observed impacts.

Greco-Risks acts as an IT "umbrella" for the abovementioned Risk Modules offering a useful tool for Risk Analysis via a user-friendly interface. The end-user is able to:

-highlight areas or elements prone to particular risks
- obtain information about the risks within the greek territory
- simulate scenarios for a single or more hazards
- create maps with multiple thematic layers
- support the analysis of complex problems such as: "given a hazard scenario what could be the impact and at what cost vs recovery?".

The project contributes towards integrated Risk Assessment and Mapping that can increase preparedness at national level and beyond. It can enhance resilience to crises due to natural or man-made disasters as part of an integrated strategy towards risk mitigation and management.

Title:"Greco-Risks" Hellenic Natural-Hazards Risk-Management System of Systems
Contracting Authority: General Secretariat for Research and Technology
Contract Number:11SYN_8_1696
Call: Cooperation 2011
Start Date: 08/11/2013
End Date: 30/06/2015
EPSILON Role: Project Coordinator, WP1 Leader (System Requirements), WP4 Leader (Greco-Risks Platform Testing & Operational Use), WP5 Leader (Platform Release & Dissemination), WP6 Leader (Platform Marketing), D1.1.02-D1.1.03-D1.1.04 Leader (Service Requirements, Data&Metadata Model, Architecture), D2.2.02 Leader (Forest Fire Module), D3.3.01&D3.3.04 Leader (Data Collection & Harmonization, 1st Integrated Greco-Risks Platform, D4.4.01-D4.4.02&D4.4.04 Leader (Technical Test Plan & Results, 2nd & 3rd (final) Integrated Greco-Risks Platform), D5.5.01-D5.5.02-D5.5.03 Leader (Dissemination Material, Conference/Workshop, Website), D6.6.01-D6.6.02 Leader (Exploitation Plan

Market Analysis & After Project Promotion Business Plan)

Total Budget: 627.200,00

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