Project Description: 3D-Aerodromes? (http://www.3d-aerodromes.com/) is a program funded by the European Commission Eurostars Programme and the R&D funds contributed by the three Member States of Germany, Greece and Italy. It was initiated in 2010 and was completed in 2013.3D-Aerodromes? delivers:
(i) the software technology to producing three dimensional Aerodrome Navigational Databases for the General Aviation; a technology for the integration of satellite imagery and other remote sensing data, terrain and obstacle data, navigation data and CAD data of airports; and
(ii) for 50 European airports, databases were created that served as the basis for a standardization of 3D airport and airport environment data. These data provide an important basis for 3D visualization and navigation purposes in the air and on the ground and support the pilot through the so-called Synthetic View on the cockpit instruments. Examples of such 3D airport databases and their use for Synthetic View will be shown at the AERO-2012 in Friedrichshafen (

Title: 3d-Aerodromes.com, 3-Dimensional Airport & Vicinity Geodatabase: A Product for the General Aviation Industry, European Commission Eureka Project
Contracting Authority: European Commission/Eureka, General Secretariat for Research & Technology
Contract Number:
Eureka Eurostars
Start Date: 01/03/2010
End Date: 30/02/2013
EPSILON Role: Project Coordination, WP1 Leader (Project Management), WP2 Leader (Project requirements, Linkage & clustering, T23     Linkage to 500+ EU/USA airports, Pre-selection of 50 airports, Data preparation, Spatial Transformation, Digitization, T26       Linkage to international authorities, T28     E-mailing list compilation, Conference & workshops list), WP6 Leader (3D-Aerodromes GDB validation, Testing: Bolzano, Skiathos, Verification: Lugano, Edmo, Validation: Athens, Innsbruck, Salzburg, TabletPC applications for all above), WP9 Leader (Conductance of marketing plan: 2012-2015,New aerodromes production, Production of promotional material, Emailing marketing, Fairs & exhibitions marketing, Targeted marketing, White papers and scientific publications, Journals and magazines, Franchising, RTD and consulting contracts, Customer support)
Total Budget:1.650.000 ?
Project Website: http://www.3d-aerodromes.com/

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