SUNSHINE presentation in i-Scope final conference



The i-SCOPE final conference was successfully organized on 4 June 2015 in Rome, Italy. Renowned researchers from Germany, Italy, Croatia and Greece provided their expertise on the aspects of developing integrated geographical information systems and crowdsourcing solutions, as well as innovative visualization tools. The i-SCOPE Smart City 3D open platform and three different i-SCOPE scenarios were presented during the conference. The comparison among European projects i-SCOPE and SUNSHINE, as well as energy saving results achieved within the SUNSHINE project, and development of the CityGML use in the energy field were also presented in the conference.
Participants enjoyed the exchange of ideas and expertise, and the conference brought the i-SCOPE project to a successful conclusion.

EPSILON INTERNATIONAL S.A. participated in the conference and mr. Kalogridis presented the Energy saving results achieved within Sunshine project to potential stakeholders.

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