Corporate Governance

The EPSILON Group employs 100+ professionals. Scientists have an age of 25-35 years, 10% of the staff holds a PhD, 80% hold graduate & post graduate degrees, 95% is bilingual, 70% is multilingual in 3+ languages, 70% is younger than 35 years and all staff has training in IST technologies, even if its area of expertise may not be geoinformatics or ICT/IST. EPSILON personnel is highly motivated and trained to meet client?s demand and to serve the Group?s challenges. The Group is employing for its projects mainly in-Group resources, whilst it seldom seeks subcontracting or outside personnel. The Group is managed by its shareholders, corporate members and decision makers.

Board of Directors

Despina Kallidromitou CEO-MD | Dipl-Ing. | MBA full CV

Individuals: Born in Athens (22.4.1960), Civil Engineer (1985), MBA (2007), co-founder & shareholder, world-wide experience, ISO/TUV Auditor, licensed/certified professional engineer, PPL aircraft pilot.

Positions: CEO & Managing Director, EPSILON Group, Greece (1991-present). Teaching & Research Associate, NTUA in systems & environmental (1987-2010). EC Expert (1991-1995).

Expertise: Civil-, water-, environment-systems, project management, economics, international projects, large scale EC contracts. She has frequently served the EC as an Expert in of short-term missions (1991+) linked to international water resources, environment and geomatics projects. Fluent in Greek, English, German, and Spanish.

Academics: Civil Engineering Vordiplom, Bochum Technical University (B.Sc, 1982); Civil-Hydraulic Engineering Degree, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA, Dipl.-Ing., 1985); Systems engineering postgraduate studies, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA (1987); Optimization & Decision Support Systems in Civil Engineering, Herriot Watt University Edinburgh, UK (1989); MBA, NTUA (2007); ISO 9000/14001 TUV Auditor (2005+).

Member: American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), American Society for Photogrametry & Remote Sensing (ASFRS), Remote Sensing Society of Europe (RSSE), European Union for Coastal conservation (EUCC), Association of Water Resources Management Greece and other.

Experience: She has managed 200+ major national and international projects on hydraulics, water resources, environment, mathematical environmental modelling, sustainable environmental management, environmental economics, decision support systems, remote sensing & GIS. She has authored 100+ scientific publications in water resources, environment and GIS technologies.

Prof. Markos Bonazountas CTO | Prof. | Habil-Ing. | Dr.-Ing.| Dipl.-Ing full CV

Individuals: Born in Athens (10.12.1945); GR/USA citizen, world-wide experience, Civil Engineer, EPSILON Shareholder and Chief Technologies Officer, PPL aircraft pilot.

Positions: CTO, EPSILON Group (2012+), CMO Aviontek GmbH, Gilching, Germany (2012+). Professor, National Technical University Athens (NTUA, 1990-2012), School of Civil Engineering, Department of Water Resources & Environment. Member, Scientific Committee, European Environment Agency (SC/EEA, 2007-2011). Chairman, Environment & Sustainability Standing Committee, European Council of Civil Engineers (ECCE, 2007+). Arthur D. Little Inc, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (1976-87). Rhein-Main-Donau AG, Munich, Germany (1972-73). Technical University of Munich (TUM, 1969-1973).

Expertise: In the broad spectrum of environmental sciences & engineering and in the supporting peripheral sciences domains of GIS, Infosociety and space technologies. Expertise in aviation databases and avionics technologies, as PPL pilot and wit Aviontek GmbH. He has management close to 100 large international RTD projects, has authored 600+ publications in scientific journals, proceedings and white papers, and is on the editorial board of several scientific journals & organizations. He is fluent in English, German, French, Greek, and knowledgeable in Italian and Flemish.

Academics: Engineering Degree, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA, Dipl.-Ing., 1969), Doctorate Degree, National Technical University of Munich (TUM, Dr.-Ing., 1973); Diploma in Computer Sciences, Data Processing Institute of Athens (DPS, 1969); Postdoctoral studies in water resources systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, 1975); Studies in public policy, Harvard University, J. F. Kennedy School of Government (Harvard, 1982); Professorship nomination degree (NTUA, Habil.-Ing., 1984); Member of numerous Engineering Societies. PPL Pilot & Aviation Radio Communications Engineer, Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (1998).

Experience: Mathematical modelling & envirosystems (air, soil, water, ecosystems, health, all media), sustainable environmental management, environmental economics, earth surveying technologies, sustainability indicators, sustainable consumption production, recourses efficiency, green-economy/growth, statistics, law-directives and other. The above combined with geomatics, GIS, remote sensing, space and Infosociety technologies, and the use of the internet geospatial portal processing and dissemination. Has managed 80+ major EC/RTD projects, has lead and guided 150+ major state-of-technology international projects, has supervised 40+ major academic research projects, and has supervised 40+ academic theses next to his day-to-day RTD, teaching, and administrative assignments.

Prof. Jörg Schaller AvionTek GmbH | Managing Director full CV

Individual: Born in 1947, Germany, world-recognised authority in geomatics technologies, certified expert for Landscape Ecology, experience in Environmental Engineering & Planning, Landscape Ecology, Environmental Systems Modelling, and Computer Sciences, especially GIS and Remote Sensing technologies, PPL-A Pilot, a member of 15 scientific societies.

Positions: Professor of Landscape Ecology and GIS at the Technical University of Munich (Chair of Strategy and Management of Landscape Development-GIS Application & Planning Methods); Scientific Director of ESRI Germany, Kranzberg; owner of Prof. Schaller UmwelConsult GmbH, Munich; and Managing Director of Aviontek GmbH, Weßling, Germany.

Expertise: Holds vast expertise in aviation geomatics technologies and modelling, with an emphasis in a space and air-space management, landscapes, infrastructures sustainability. In his carrier of 30+ years, he has assumed hundreds of assignments in more than 20 countries, basically in natural resources and geomatics. He has accomplished more than 15 major EC/RTD projects since 1990, as for example the 3D-Aerodromes, 3D-Pilot (2012) and has authored 200+ publications (scientific journals, proceedings, Books, articles, other).

Dr. Raffaele De Amicis Smart-Islands EEIG | Managing Director full CV

Dr. Raffaele De Amicis is the Managing Director of Fondazione GraphiTech and Smart-Islands EEIG, he holds a MEng in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD on Surface Modeling in Virtual Environments from University of Bologna, Italy. He has been research fellow at the Industrial Applications Department of Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research (IGD) in Darmstadt, Germany and senior researcher at the Interactive Graphics Systems Group, at TUD - Technical University of Darmstadt. He has been involved in several projects funded by the European Commission, NATO/OTAN - North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Governmental Fund and by several industries. His interests are in CAD, virtual reality, virtual engineering, geovisual analytics, and science and technology policy. He has authored 3 books, contributed to 15 scientific texts, and he is author or co-author of more than 120 scientific papers. He also serves as Consulting Professor, in undergraduate courses related computer graphics, at the Department of Information and Communication Technology at the University of Trento, Italy. Since 2005 he belongs to Experts Board Member Panel for Mathematics and Information Technology and Industrial and Information Engineering of the Italian Committee for Evaluation of Research of the Ministry of Education. His research interests are in computer-aided design, virtual reality technology applied to computer aided design, advanced 3D interaction techniques and computer supported co-operative work, multimodal interactions and semantic interpretation of 3D shapes. His on going research foresees work on the visualization of very large amount of multidimensional data that are made interactively available to users looking for decision support. Within this topic his focuses are on the area of interactive visualization and intelligent complexity reduction within virtual environment.

Cveta Dimitrova Epsilon Bulgaria ood | Executive Director full CV

Individuals: Executive Director of Epsilon Bulgaria OOD.

Positions: Head of International Project in Epsilon Bulgaria OOD, Director of ?European and International projects? in the Ministry of Environment and Water in Bulgaria (2010-2014), Manager, International Area, of the Spanish company RED2RED Consultores S.L (2008-2010), worked in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Member: As Head of the programme operator for the EEA program (Norway grants), she drafted the programmes BG02 (Integrated inland and marine water management) and BG03 (Biodiversity and ecosystem services). Also, she was the National contact point for LIFE+ (2010 ? 2014) and Head of the Intermediate body for the Bulgarian-Swiss cooperation programme.

Expertise: (i):Programming, assessment, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects funded by the EU, EEA, WB, IADB and other international donors;(ii) Integrated inland and marine water management, marine pollution, economics of waste and waste discharge; monitoring and prevention of marine pollution; (iii) Conducting surveys and studies in different areas of climate change and flood risk assessment; CBA analysis, feasibility studies, etc, (iv) Environmental legislation, international conventions and by-laws, including harmonisation of legislation and transposition into national regulatory regimes of the EU and candidate countries; (v) Preparation of training materials for public authorities in the area of environmental legislation for waste, water, biodiversity and ecosystems;(vi) Technical assistance provider for governmental institutions, regional and local authorities, business and civil society organizations

Academic: Holds a Master?s degree in International Economic Relations from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria (1982), a Master?s degree in European Studies from the University Karl-Franz, Graz, Austria (2006), jointly with EURAC, Bolzano, Italy and a Post-graduation diploma from IDLO Rome, Italy(2008).

Experience: Cveta has 13 years of experience in managing EU and ESF-type projects. She has worked in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy managing the implementation and monitoring of ESF-type projects, the World Bank?s SIEP Project (BUL#4681) and programs supported by other external donors, including UNDP, MATRA and others.
In the period 2008-2010, she was Manager, International Area, of the Spanish company RED2RED Consultores S.L. and senior evaluator in the consortium led by LSE conducting ex-post evaluation of the ESF (2000-2006) in the Regional Hub in Madrid.
From 2010 till 2014, she was Director of ?European and International projects? in the Ministry of Environment and Water in Bulgaria, where she
managed the implementation of 19 Financial Memoranda under ex-ISPA/CF (Regulation 1164/94) for waste water and solid waste treatment and 3 Financing Memoranda for technical assistance

Giacomo Martirano Epsilon Italia srl | CTO full CV

Individuals: Born in Cosenza, Italy (1964); Co-owner of Epsilon Italia srl; Information society engineer; Technical Director of EPSILON-IT; Key Advisor to the EPSILON-Group.

Expertise: Space & aerospace technologies, geo-spatial systems, geo-databases, internet technologies.

Academics: Degree in Electronic Engineering, Politecnico di Milano ( 1991); Certificate in the design of space telecom systems & components, Alenia Aerospazio SpA (1991-92); ISO-9000 Quality Auditor, FITA (1998, Italian Federation of Industries and Professional Services of the Tertiary Advanced Sector); Intergraph Certification, GeoMedia Desktop solutions. Has several publications in scientific peer-review journals or proceedings and he is co-author of the book "Earth Observation Data Policy and Europe (Edited by Ray Harris, University College London (A.A. Balkema Publishers, ISBN 90 5809 258 5).

Experience: 1992-97 at Alenia Aerospazio SpA, Spacecraft Antenna Division, responsible of the electrical design of satellite telecommunications systems and subsystems, in the frame of scientific and commercial programs funded by ASI (Italian Space Agency), ESA (European Space Agency); NASA (National Aeronautics Space Administration); INTELSAT (International consortium for Satellite Telecommunications) such as the deep-space mission to Saturn Cassini-Huygens, Artemis, INTEL-1444. Since 1997, Technical Manager of Epsilon Italia srl, a fully independent private SME active in the areas of satellite telecommunications (both space and ground segments), Remote Sensing & GIS (Geographic Information Systems), with a focus on the development and application of new technologies, and on RTD activities directly or in partnership with Universities and Research Centres. He has managed numerous contracts funded by the ESA, EC, and Italian national and local Institutions.

Evelthon G. Iacovides Managing Director of Epsilon Consulting Ltd full CV

Individuals: Born in Nicosia, Cyprus (24.03.1963), is a Greek Cypriot management, investment, and public policy consultant.

Position: In 1997, he co-founded Epsilon Consulting Ltd, a Cyprus-based consulting company specializing in the areas of environment, techno-economic project analysis, education, and training. In his capacity as managing director of Epsilon Consulting Ltd, he has executed several techno-economic feasibility studies for the Government of Cyprus and private clients, and has participated in European Union research programmes in the areas of environmental policy and mobile commerce. During 2001-2003, he was employed by the Government of Cyprus as an in-house consultant, and was entrusted with the set-up and operation of the National Resource Centre for Vocational Guidance (NRCG-Cyprus, Euroguidance Centre Cyprus), which is co-financed by the Government of Cyprus (Department of Labour, Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance) and the European Commission through the Leonardo da Vinci Programme. Mr Iacovides was also entrusted with the preparatory work for the organization of the EURES (European Employment Services) section under the Public Employment Service (Department of Labour).

Prior to co-founding Epsilon Consulting Ltd, Mr Iacovides worked in the Marketing and Market Research Departments of Procter and Gamble in Saudi Arabia and Germany prior to moving to Hong Kong, where he co-ordinated market research projects throughout Asia and Oceania for Market Behaviour Ltd (now TNS Asia Pacific), an international market research agency. Mr Iacovides is also an experienced educator, having taught International Marketing and Financial Management to Cypriot and international students (in English and in Greek) at the undergraduate and graduate level for the past eight years. He is also a well-known commentator on local and international economic affairs in Cyprus, having contributed numerous articles to newspapers and magazines, and having appeared regularly on TV for the past eight years (the last five as host of his own talk show).

Academics: After graduating from the Pancyprian Gymnasium of Nicosia, Mr Iacovides attended Swarthmore College (Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, USA) on a Fulbright Scholarship, where he studied economics and ancient history (B.A., 1985). He then earned his MBA (1986) at the Arthur D. Little School of Management (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, now Hult International Business School).

Prof. Xenophon KAKATSIOS Energy & Waste Management Sector full CV

Individual: Born in Athens, Greece (12/07/1940); environmental scientist, GIS expert; Corporate Member of EPSILON-GR, engaged since 2001.

Positions: Member of the EPSILON Technical Advisory Board on Waste & EnergySystems, member of the Hellenic Technical Chamber, Hellenic Energy Board, Hellenic Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Expertise: Over thirty (34) years of experience in engineering related work in waste, energy.  Thermal Processes, Thermal equipment and installations.  Thermodynamic Properties of Real Gases.  Solid Waste Management, Energy & Biomass.  EnergyProduction and Energy Management.  Internal Combustion EnginesHydraulic Systems. Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering.  Project Management.  Engineering curriculum and licensing procedures development.  Heat and Mass Transfer.  Cooling and Air Conditioning via renewables

Academics: Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, PhD, Doctorate of Technical Sciences,


Experience: Worked at the Hellenic National Defense Research Center as a research manager at various projects for about seven years.  Participated as Senior Engineer or Scientific Responsible in various projects sponsored by the EU and the Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology with more than 20 years of experience in Environmental Systems, studies of ways and methods for environmental protection, New Technologies: heat and electricity co-generation , co-combustion and gasification of coal, pyrolysis and gasification of biomass and alternative fuels, clean combustion technologies (fluidized bed), Solid Waste Management, gas turbines in power plants, fuel cell applications for energy production , Internal combustion Engines, Thermal Plants operation and analysis of thermodynamic cycles (energetic and exergetic analysis and their influence on the environment), Energy saving in Industry, Production of Hydrogen as fuel and reports regarding its beneficial effects on the environment, Use of the biomass, including solid city wastes, agricultural byproducts and industrial waste through modern techniques (pyrolysis, gasification) for the production of heat, electricity and soil improving material, with very beneficial effects to the environment. Worked as a proposal evaluator for the Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology evaluating proposals submitted by the Greek Industry for financing.

Anestis Trypitsidis Aerospace & Geomatics | MEng | MSc full CV

Individuals: Born in Athens (01.11.1987), GR citizen, Urban & Regional Planning Engineer.

Positions: (i) GIS Project Manager, EPSILON International SA Greece (2012+): responsible of several GIS projects carried out at National & International level 3D-Aerodromes, SEIS, Smart-Islands, ArcFUEL, eENVplus, c-Space, GETIM, (ii) GIS specialist, EPSILON International SA Greece (2012): as technical consultant in the implementation of GIS projects.

Expertise: Proposal preparation & writing, proposal submissions, spatial databases, database design, spatial analysis, GIS, 3D-Modeling, cartography, urban planning, regional development, OGC, INSPIRE.

Academics: Urban Planning & Regional Development Degree, University of Thessaly (UTH, MEng, 2010), MSc in Geoinformatics - Applied Geography and Spatial Planning, Department of Geography, Harokopio University of Athens.

Experience: (i) Technical: MS Office Project 2010, Redmine, GIS & WebGIS tools (ESRI ArcGIS Desktop 10.x, ArcGIS Server 10.x), RDBMS (MySQL, SQLyog, Postgre/PostGIS), INSPIRE editor s/w tools (INSPIRE metadata editor, GeoNetwork, Publisher), Programming (small experience in Visual Basic), (ii) Academic: urban and regional planning using GIS, spatial data collection and tracking, spatial databases, urban design and planning, rural planning and environment, urban and spatial policy, operational planning, strategic planning, GIS, spatial planning and analysis, cartography, Network Analysis, Regression models.

Stelios Kalogridis Energy & GeoICT | MEng | MSc full CV

Individuals: Born in Athens (20.08.1985); GR citizen, Electrical and Computer Engineer.

Positions: Junior Project Manager in European Commission Projects

Expertise: Engineering and environmental services, sustainable development, spatial databases and geographic information systems. Fluent in Greek, English and sufficient French user.

Academics: Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA, Diploma., 2010), MSc in Geoinformatics, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA, 2013)

Experience: Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Databases, Methods and Techniques for Environmental Assessment - Natural Resources Management, Urban and Regional Planning with GIS, Renewable sources, Sustainable Development, Management and Decision Support Systems, Electric Power Systems, Energy Conversion- High Voltages and Industry Applications, Bioengineering, Telecommunication Systems and Computer Networks

Dimitra Mina International Projects Exploration full CV

Position: Epsilon International SA, International Geosciences Account Manager; Currently in charge of international projects exploration for the East European and the NIS/CIS and Asia Regions.

Personal: Born in Athens on 19.01.1985, Hellenic citizenship, Surveying Engineer

Academics: Rural and Surveying Engineering Degree, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA, Diploma. 2009), MSc in Geoinformatics, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA, 2011).

Expertise: EU-wide and international projects & business enlargement: Spatial Analysis and Geographical Information Systems, Spatial Databases, Regional Planning and Regional Development, Urban Planning, Environmental Planning and Impact Assessments.

Experience: Full spectrum of ESRI technologies and tools (ESRI-ArcGIS, OpenStreetMap-JOSM), RDBMS (MySQL, Postgre/PostGIS), Spatial data collection and tracking, Spatial Databases, Rural- Urban- and Regional Planning and Analysis via GIS, Urban and Spatial Policy, Cartography, Network Analysis, and integrated enviro-systems via GeoInformatics technologies.