Group - Overview

EPSILON is a Technology Resources Engineering & Consulting Group with expertise in: Aerospace, GeoInformatics, Environment and Management. EPSILON delivers engineering, consulting, outsourcing, R&D, training and state-of-technology products as geospatial database infrastructures and up-to-the-minute navigation and environmental technologies for:

  • Aerospace: Offered expertise in space- aviation- avionics- mobile- wifi- & satellite telecoms by using stare-of-the-art geoinformatics, earth observation & remote sensing for aerospace- aviation- products and earth resources planning. Delivered expertise in engineering & consulting, modelling, R&D, databases, products development, aviation apps, training and wide capacity of solutions to agencies, organizations, airports-aerodromes and aviation authorities, and aircraft certification consulting.
  • GeoInformatics: Services for the entire spectrum of SDI/GIS/IST technologies as geodata capture, geo-statistics for INSPIRE/OGC geo-databases, geo-systems integration, geo-marketing products via IST/ICT technologies in video mapping, geodatabases, GIS & remote sensing, services for specialized applications, products and apps development.
  • Environment: Services in the entire spectrum of civil-, water-, wastewater-, waste-, environment-, nature- in sciences & engineering services as: climatology, hydrology, hydrogeology, water resources, water supply, water uses, wastewater & wastewater treatment, irrigation & drainage systems, marine & coastal waters, waste, EIAs, SEA, SCP, LCA, environmental monitoring (water quality, groundwater, surface water, soil, bio-monitoring), wetlands- ecosystems- and� NATURA 2000 management plans, biodiversity analyses, coastal zone management, statistics, INSPIRE enviro-info systems (SEIS, EiONET), geoSDI, mathematical modelling (all media), public heath, enviro-law and regulations, EU Directives, envirometrics, enviro-policy & sustainability, training and environmental awareness.
  • Management: Offered expertise and R&D in: economic- administrative- and technical parts of complex projects, techno-economics, market research, business planning, laws & regulations, technical assistance & research studies in business & geo-information statistics, business planning and strategy formulation, engineering impact analyses, feasibility studies, market research in the fields of GIS- informatics- water- environment- - transport- aviation- statistics- marketing- space- telecoms-, viability & sustainability analyses for business portals, regional & environmental economics.