Smart-Islands EEIG

?Smart-Islands EEIG? was established on 25/7/2014 in Trento, Italy by the European Consortium ?Smart-Islands?. Its founding memebers are EPSILON International AE, Fondazione Graphitech (FG), Epsilon Italia srl, GISIG ??? Hellenic Small Islands. Raffaele de Amicis was appointed as the president of the company and Marc Bonazountas as the vice-president.

Smart-Islands EEIG focuses on GIS technologies, 3d-virtual reality, video analytics, 3d-digitization tech for museums, archaeological sites etc. and takes advantage of the vast experience of its founding members.


Via alla Cascata 56/C

38123 Trento / Italy
T: +39 (0) 461 283397
F: +39 (0) 461 283398

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