Products - Geoinformatics

Based upon RTD results and in-house investment, EPSILON has delivered and delivers to the market GIS based and tested products as:

  • ArcFIRETM(Wildland & Forest Fire Management Web-Platform)
  • Avionics NavigatorTM (Added value navigation for small aircrafts)
  • COMMUTERTM (This product supports the integrated management and update of geodata)
  • CORINETM(In-door navigation, based on the i-GOTMtechnology)
  • DIGITAL GREECETM(Morphology of Greece-1:10^6 to 1:25.000; Cities & Towns of Greece-1:5.000; GeoChartaTM, Geology of Greece-1:50.000, DTM/DSM/DEM. Other digital GIS data)
  • E-mapsTM (Maps online & upon demand)
  • ECOMAPSTM(CORINE-, NATURA-, and other-type of land-cover digital data, produced from various sources and satellite images as: KOSMOS-KVR/KFA, IKONOS, SPOT, LANDSAT7, QUICKBIRD, ERS, and KOMSAT.
  • EnviducationTM (Multimedia product about GIS and remote sensing)
  • EnviroLawTM(legal environmental database), and other
  • Environmental models interfaced to GIS (e.g., SESOIL)
  • FOMFISTM (a management and forest fire prevention product)
  • FALKTMMaps, and maps upon demand
  • GeoChartaTM(The geology of Greece in association with the National Geology Institute of Greece, and Marathon Data Systems Crp.)
  • HERMESTM(GIS-based s/w for courier and post services)
  • I-GoTMvehicle navigational database
  • INFOCITYTM(City related location based services via the Internet)
  • LANDINGTM(automated landing of small-medium aircrafts on small-medium airports)
  • MED-NPSTM (product used in addressing environmental problems)
  • NAUTILUSTMPDA/i.PAQ vehicle navigation & fleet management
  • RescueTM (This product serves the armed forces, especially the Navy)
  • SmartRouteTM (Route optimaization technologies)
  • STATISTICATM(Statistical data and information upon demand for Greece & Cyprus)
  • TELEATLASTMvehicle navigational CD-ROM & database
  • VESSELTM(A marine vessels system to monitoring vessels in the oceans, in association with ELSACOM spa).
  • E???TM (National Network of Environmental Information)


A state-of-technology Wildland & Forest Fire Management Web-Platform under constant technology evolution since 1990, as it evolved with the participation of high-tech institutions of international competence, whist it also withdrawals technology from the US Forest Service modelling centre. The Platform captures the vital dynamics demanded by Planers & Decision Makers engaged in the FF Life Cycle, and as such it has been used in numerous tactical operations in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and other countries.


Avionics NavigatorTM 3d-Pilot

Product in development in cooperation with foreign companies, which offers added value navigation for small aircrafts landing at airports without ILS (Instrument Landing System), and seaplanes or helicopters, which use integrated embedded GIS technology. This technology includes digital airports and digital facilities in the navigation system so that the landing can be made in dark-conditions.


This product supports the integrated management and update of geodata. In particular it is a distributed framework which ensures that transactions and modifications of dispersed map databases at various points are updated transparently and reliably. The data which are updated can be geographical or statistical data, text, images or other information. The product contains a module for cartographic management (CDM) that converts geographic information to any GIS software that a public or private body may possess. The important information is transferred through ODBC



Morphology of Greece-1:10^6 to 1:25.000; Cities & Towns of Greece-1:5.000; GeoChartaTM, Geology of Greece-1:50.000, DTM/DSM/DEM. Other digital GIS data


e-MAPS-Maps on-line & upon demand

EPSILON has develop the technology to produce printed maps of high quality upon demand or on-line, based on the information available in its Digital GreeceTM and StatisticaTM databases. The maps of exceptional accuracy can depict numerous attributes and location services, or can show elevation contours of 10m-elevation countrywide for exceptional demands, as are the maps for hikers. We introduced:

  • Web technology maps upon demand via the Internet, and on-line production of simplified maps for less demanding users, as are the PDA and palmtop users while travelling.
  • Production of large-scale maps of sizes exceeding five meters, to be used along the highways, in scenic places, and in prominent town and city locations. Such maps will be printed on steel or on special PVC with a permanent resistance to weather conditions.
  • UUse of maps in location based services requested via GPS/GPRS/WAP and other GSM/3G+ mobile wireless communications.
  • Sector of vehicle navigation and fleet management for which is a system aimed to routing vehicles via on-line and embedded mapping systems for well-known navigation equipment manufacturers.

Since 2000, EPSILON in association with both, the Law Offices of V. Falagarakis & Associates and the National Technical University of Athens, is geo-cataloguing and processing the laws and acts related to water and environment. Pollution standards, policy issues and other countries obligations are correlated to EC Directives, US laws and Acts, WHO and USDOT environmental quality requirements. The information will be available on the Internet as of 2008.


A complete Multimedia product about GIS and remote sensing for children aged 8-12 years. It combines a thematic adding and a user-friendly multi-media GIS environment, together with an electronic book and an accessible database of environmental and geographical information. The product is addressed to the primary and secondary market for users with little or no computer experience and use geo-relevant information. Central information source is the GRID (Global Resource Information Database) of the United Nations (UNEP). Other sources are the CORINE and EUROSTAT of the European Union


FalkTM Cartography-Hellenic Falk Editions

In association with the Mairs Geographischer Verlag, DE, EPSILON has assumed the production of the Falk maps & guides for Greece, for the entire country and in various scales. Products originate from the Digital Greece database of EPSILON expanded to capture the MGV high quality demands. The series involves the Hellenic regions, islands, mountains, cities, and special series. Products will be also available in electronic format for PDA applications.


FOMFIS is a management and forest fire prevention product. The FOMFIS system is structured on the Geographic Information System ARC-VIEW. Meanwhile, for the special functions FOMFIS designed five additional basic choices and created a number of icons needed to support and automate various functions. All system requirements for the management and processing of non-spatial data are covered by the database software SQL-Server at Microsoft. All of the above use the computing platform Intel's Pentium and Windows NT Server operating system from Microsoft. The five additional basic options of FOMFIS are the input of fuel maps, management of maps and data (administration), the creation of scenarios, the design definition (planning) and analysis and presentation of results ( reports). The possibilities offered by FOMFIS, as a basic planning tool, are very important for the administrator of an act.


In association with the National Institute of Minerals and Geology, EPSILON has developed selected geologic maps of the country, featuring a database with more than 30 thematic layers and a vast database of attributes. The product is commercialised via an exclusive distribution agreement with IGME. The product delivers 40 maps for selected Greek areas with a scale of 1:50.000 in a digital format (ARC/INFO)

A specialised application linked to DeliveryTM, also governing the business of the Hellenic Post (ELTA,, which captures the dynamics of the private courier and post delivery industry. The product can substantially improve client operations according to existing records of performance, and can become the daily tool of every mail carrier or courier-man and the courier vehicle infrastructure.

i-Go NavigatorTM

i-Go offers cutting-edge technology in the field of navigation. EPSILON has undertaken the adaptation of the base data of Greece and Cyprus in i-GO.


InfoCityTM is a WebGIS technology operational on the server of any city database server. The technology delivers to citizens -and to any interested party as SMEs, the industry and the boarder public - on-line navigational information on city resources and activities via any commercial Internet browser. The product is based ESRI IncTM webGIS technologies that are enhanced by a development kit delivered and installed to meet specialised user demands. The product has been tested on the server of Athens, Munich and Antwerp with operational infokiosks in Antwerp.

LANDINGTM delivers a low-cost software product (SW) assisting pilots of small-medium aircrafts to safely land on a small and poorly equipped fields, under bad-weather and low-visibility conditions. For details see GIS & InfoSociety section.


MED-NPS is a product used in addressing environmental problems created by non-point pollution. The MED-NPS consists of a mathematical estimation model for other pollution that makes use of satellite images and connects to the GIS software ARC / INFO. MED-NPS is an integrated GIS software which incorporates the CORINE database and transmits knowledge to other Mediterranean countries not belonging to the European Union.


This product serves the armed forces (especially the Navy) and Services of the Ministry of Merchant Marine. The product meets the "search & rescue" requirements in real time, along with the mobilization and management of available resources (aircraft, ships, boats, etc.) for the rescue of people in danger or after the accident. The system is based on navigation electronic maps templates ENCs S57, and technologies, Inmarsat, GSM, www, SO. It works with similar systems in other countries of advanced technology (eg. Canada, USA). The software is based on ESRI Internet Map Server technologies, and ArcView technologies.



This product assesses the best routes based on a digital cartographic base. The product is based on route optimization technologies and best service points. This product is a complete system of US software route-smart and ARCVIEW



EPSILON produced the statistical database for the country, which has been linked to the NUTS-X geographic system of the country and the Eurostat development sectors of a country.

In addition, the system is compatible to the classifications of the National Statistical Office of Greece (ELSTAT) and International Industrial Coding Systems. The system is expandable to accommodate data of the private sector clients.

StatisticaTM can be optimally linked to Digital GreeceTM in order to serve multiple clients in business forecasting and sighting of offices, shops, facilities, insurance sales, and other industrial estimates.

The database and structure have been employed by the Statistical Offices of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Slovakia Republic (CopeStatTM, an EC project).

Previously, StatisticaTM was offered on a CD_ROM. Today, the system is offered in connection to the GIS database and the development sectors of Greece. It offers the 2001 Census data, ranging from population, to industrial growth, water & environment. This data can be statistically analysed and depicted on both, the NUTS-X classification of Digital Greece, and the individual municipal city block disaggregating level, thus, offering a powerful statistical tool for decision making.



MultiNet TM, a vector database, which contains highly accurate information about the road network of a country including nodes and railway stations and rivers. The city network (STNW) includes numbering information in both urban and rural areas. Urban roads also contain information about one-way and closed roads, tolls and ferry lines, traffic and signs. MultiNet TM also includes a categorization of roads for optimal navigation and route calculation.

National and local departments are included in the product, along with postal codes for most countries. Land use classification, industrial areas, beaches, forested areas, swamps, along with thousands points of interest in about 60 categories, airports, hospitals, railway stations, gas stations, restaurants, post offices, rentals and car sales are also included.. Voice instructions are also available for ease of navigation. The MultiNet TM is commercially available in five main mapping formats. GDF-AS (ASCII-Sequential) is the international standard format for navigable bases; GDF-AR (ASCII-Relational) which contains the same data as the GDF-AS but is faster especially in applications based on relational databases - the most widespread applications in GIS shape format (.shp) - ORACLE for Oracle Spatial Database Systems - RMF (Rich Map Format) which is mainly used for location-based service applications


???? (National Network of Environmental Information) is a web information system for processing of various environmental issues at local government level and at regional and national level. This network is the central mechanism for collection, processing and management of all environmental information concerning European issues and offers this information to the European Environment Agency (EEA).