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EPSILON covers the entire spectrum of GIS & informatics technologies via four major technology units: (i) data, (ii) services, (iii) products, and (iv) RTD/R&D InfoSociety (IST) technologies.

EPSILON captures geo-data of all types by utilising state-of-technology methodologies and among them terrestrial video and mobile mapping, LIDAR and low/high altitude space laser technologies, remote sensing and aerial photography, high resolution imaging and other. Our data capturing supports the Teleatlas NV and Toposys GmbH technologies and their spatial database design & development. This includes data for navigation purposes and technologies on land-, air-, and marine-navigation, as are fleet management, vessels tracking, and aviation GIS for non-ILS landing.

EPSILON services range from environmental management, to security and safety systems, to global monitoring, to a full range of surveying technologies, and to health systems. Typical examples are: IST systems integration, GPS and global monitoring, Routing & location based services (LBSs); GIS products; Mapping & publishing, Digital image analysis; and Training in GIS/IST technologies.

EPSILON products are made by utilising the latest technologies of satellite and high-resolution imaging, aerial photography and flight services, laboratories, mathematical environmental modelling, field monitoring, and internet-web technologies. The company maintains international quality assurance procedures, and offers quality assurance certificates. The products are constantly updated via satellite images, fieldwork, GPS, video scanning and other proprietary technologies. EPSILON provides Products Guarantee and maintains bi-annual up-dates frequently at no cost to clients.

EPSILON invests in R&D/RTD
(research & technology development) and in IST/ICT InfoSociety technologies at least 5% of its net earnings by accomplishing European (EC) programmes (FP4-FP7) and Hellenic national programmes in the sectors of its expertise. RTD results evolve to products or to better services. Important geo-products are developed in-house at no EC or other funding.