Services - AeroSystems

The EPSILON Group and via Epsilon Italia srl in particular:

  • Responds to tenders and assumes contracts and RTD on Space & Telecoms projects.
  • Offers to National & International Agencies and to private & public companies, a wide capacity of consulting to turnkey solutions.
  • Undertakes and manages technical & commercial agreements with satellite-based service operators/providers (i.e. Telespazio Group, ELSACOM, others).
  • Provides a full support for marketing activities and pre- and post-sale technical assistance to the customers.
  • Designs microwave systems and components for space and ground applications.
  • Develops numerical electromagnetic models and software tools for the design of microwave systems and components.
  • Keeps close contacts with worldwide consortia, universities, satellite-based service operators/providers for a continuous upgrading of the available space-based technologies.
  • Links to the most important Universities and Research Centres for a continuous upgrading of the electromagnetic modelling software techniques.
  • Links to qualified manufacturing firms for a continuous upgrading of the realisation processes and technologies.