Products - AeroSystems

Based upon RTD results and in-house investment, EPSILON has delivered and delivers to the market GIS based and tested products as:

  • Avionics NavigatorTM (Added value navigation for small aircrafts)
  • HERMESTM(GIS-based s/w for courier and post services)
  • LANDINGTM(automated landing of small-medium aircrafts on small-medium airports)
  • RescueTM (This product serves the armed forces, especially the Navy)

Avionics NavigatorTM 3d-Pilot

Product in development in cooperation with foreign companies, which offers added value navigation for small aircrafts landing at airports without ILS (Instrument Landing System), and seaplanes or helicopters, which use integrated embedded GIS technology. This technology includes digital airports and digital facilities in the navigation system so that the landing can be made in dark-conditions.

A specialised application linked to DeliveryTM, also governing the business of the Hellenic Post (ELTA,, which captures the dynamics of the private courier and post delivery industry. The product can substantially improve client operations according to existing records of performance, and can become the daily tool of every mail carrier or courier-man and the courier vehicle infrastructure.

LANDINGTMdelivers a low-cost software product (SW) assisting pilots of small-medium aircrafts to safely land on a small and poorly equipped fields, under bad-weather and low-visibility conditions. For details see GIS & InfoSociety


This product serves the armed forces (especially the Navy) and Services of the Ministry of Merchant Marine. The product meets the "search & rescue" requirements in real time, along with the mobilization and management of available resources (aircraft, ships, boats, etc.) for the rescue of people in danger or after the accident. The system is based on navigation electronic maps templates ENCs S57, and technologies, Inmarsat, GSM, www, SO. It works with similar systems in other countries of advanced technology (eg. Canada, USA). The software is based on ESRI Internet Map Server technologies, and ArcView technologies.