AeroSystems - Overview

Expertise & services are offered in space technologies, mobile- wifi- & satellite telecoms, aviation-technologies with an emphasis in GIS, and in earth observation with an emphasis in remote sensing applications and GIS technologies in multiple sectors ranging from water resources and environment to aviation.

The Space & Telecoms sector offers expertise in modelling, R&D, technical assistance, and a wide capacity of solutions to national and international agencies and organizations as: (i) Turn-key systems based on the integration of the three space components: satcom/satnav navigation & earth observation; (ii) Management of technical & commercial agreements with satellite-based service operators-providers, providing full support for marketing activities and pre- and post-sale technical assistance to the customers; (iii) Design of microwave systems and components for space and ground applications; and (iv) Development of numerical electromagnetic models and software tools for the design of microwave systems and components, (v) Applications linked to Google EarthTM, Microsoft Virtual EarthTM, and ESRI ArcGlobeTM technologies, as supported by terrestrial systems and the Global StarTM satellite telecoms related to ElsacomTM technologies. Products and modelling are offered to the space & telecoms sectors, civil aviation, civil protection & security, environment, and other.